25 Things About Me…

1.       I am an artsy crafty momma

2.       care about human rights and animal rights… Recently reacquainting myself with my old vegetarian ways.

3.       I love learning. I like going to school just to learn something new… I like watching documentaries and reading about past presidents. I am a nerd.

4.       I am a terrible yogini and a terrible runner, yet I am deeply passionate about both activities and I just don’t care what others think.

5.       I love old shows like Party of Five, Dawson’s Creek, and The OC. I am a huge OC fan! Oh, that Seth Cohen.

6.       I am vain. I have no reason to be but I am. I never leave the house without eye makeup, even if I’m going to yoga or running.

7.       I love everything Wheel of Fortune, including the board game, TV show, Wii game, Vanna, and of course the iPhone App

8.       I have to always have a goal to work toward or I feel naked. From getting a new degree to running a half marathon… even just moving into a different neighborhood. I’m always planning and organizing. I am happy with what I have I just feel like I should always be moving toward something greater.  

9.       I love panda bears… and I knew it was a sign when I was dating my husband and found out his family nickname was bear.

10.   If I’m afraid of something I force myself to do it at least once… examples include acting (acted in a play once and will never do that again), singing (took lessons and enjoyed making my teacher suffer while I told her I dreamt of singing like Janis Joplin!), learning to ride a bike (just learned a year ago, in 2010! And rode in a duathlon this year!) and jumping off a high dive (ha)

11.   I love Stella McCartney.

12.   I have extremely vivid dreams that are more like movies with actual plots and characters… maybe someday I’ll write a book!

13.   I am open-minded. I can see different points of view and I have empathy for others. I never really knew this was unique until I started working in corporate America.

14.   I drive my dream car, an orange beetle bug.

15.   I dream of someday adopting.

16.   I love France, all things French… Paris… Eiffel tower, EuroDisney. It’s a dream that my daughter is in French school and gets to speak French all day long! I cannot speak a word of it.

17.   I have two sugar gliders that are named ChoCho and Bushi.   

18.   I have three dogs Min Pin Frankie, Boston Terrier Tennessee, and Bull Terrier Mouse.

19.   I have one stupid tattoo that I got when I was 18… I am obsessed with planning tattoos and wanting to fix my tattoo but I never follow through. Maybe this year I will.

20.   I love rain and listening to rain. Sometimes I listen to rain videos on YouTube if I’m having a crappy day. Rain makes me feel better.

21.   I’m a Capricorn but I’m terrible with money (we’re supposed to be really good at it!). Trying to fix this lifelong struggle.

22.   I generally don’t remember negative things, I block them out. If I have a friend I am no longer friends with due to something negative that happened I probably forgot about it… leaving me to wonder why I never hang out with them… Other people seem to be the opposite and only remember the negative things.

23.   I am chronically cold.

24.   I like volunteering at random organizations all the time, but don’t like to volunteer with the same one consistently.

25.   I love my in-laws!! Like really REALLY love my in-laws. I’m so lucky to have them in my life


2 Responses to 25 Things About Me…

  1. Bryan West says:

    This was so fun to read, you are an awesome person! I love so much of this! One thing I have to take issue with is your statement that you are a “terrible yogini and a terrible runner.” You do this both, that makes you great. Being good at either is not about your flexibility or how fast you can run, it’s about loving it and putting effort into it. You do that with both, that makes you great at both.

    I look forward to keeping up with your new blog, let us know on FB when you post something!! GO YOU!!

  2. tearomero says:

    Thanks, Bryan- I think I just have a hard time considering myself an athlete at all… I’ve never really been involved in sports or anything growing up. I think I just worry about someone saying “oh, it took you that long to run a half… I thought you were training.” So, it is my own insecurities but definitely something I need to overcome.

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