20s v 30s

Cotopaxi, Ecuador... Still looking for my travel buddies, Stuart (UK) and Dewy (Wales).

Cotopaxi, Ecuador… Still looking for my travel buddies, Stuart (UK) and Dewy (Wales).

Thinking about my twenties in yesterday’s blog post made me think of all the things I wish my thirty-something self could tell my twenty-something self. So, I decided to compile a SHORT list, because really there are way TOO many things I wish I would have known or thought through more clearly. Well, here we go;

#1. Friends are REALLY important. In my twenties friends came and went. I don’t really have that best friend of 30 years that so many people have. I am stubborn, I fight, and I don’t return phone calls. I pretty much never give second chances… Well, as a thirty-something I wish I had given some second chances once in a while. I had some friendships that I miss. I wish I had treated the friends I had better. I know I made mistakes.

#2. Having a boyfriend isn’t important… Please see my post from yesterday for details. I wish my twenty-something self didn’t want to help these boys that were wounded pigeons and I wish I had accepted that sometimes bad things happen to good people and they self-destruct. Life is about making decisions and not everyone wants to be saved. Some people decide to be miserable for a year or their whole lives… and as a thirty-something I know I can’t change anyone’s mind. They need to make those choices for themselves.

#3. Run. Running has changed my life. Thirty-something self enjoys it immensely. I wish I had run earlier in life.

#4. Don’t take out those college loans! I love my education; it has made it possible for me to have an amazing career… However, my thirty-something self feels like I’ll never be out of debt.

#5. Take time to relax. As a twenty-something I was always busy… working, school, family, and everything else. I never just enjoyed being young.

#6. Twenty-something self… You are skinny and pretty! I never in my life felt pretty. I always wanted to lose more weight and I always worried about food. I was obsessed with restricting… never drank soda, never had salad dressing, never wanted creamer in my coffee… because I read crazy articles in Cosmo that told me creamer added an additional 20 calories to your intake. WTF, Twenty-something self! As a thirty-something I ordered a salad with dressing for the first time recently and I enjoyed it. The extra 50 calories or so it gave to a salad of maybe 75 calories… well worth it. As a twenty something I devoured every weight watching tip, I didn’t eat healthy at all. I used diet pills… and I did many other things to lose weight. I ended up anemic more than once. I pinched nonexistent fat. I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror… Now, as a thirty-something I can admit that I have been obsessed most of my life with appearance and it’s not healthy. I wish my twenty-something self just felt like she was good enough. I still restrict but I am not as bad as I was… I had a radical idea this New Year’s to actually just be happy with my body and I think I’ll write a separate post on how that’s coming along.

#7. Twenty- something self don’t trust everyone. Some people are bad. Some bad people look and act like friends… be safe. I can’t go back. My twenty-something self was very naïve.

#8. Follow your heart… or your intuition or your natural instincts… however you want to describe it. My twenty-something self knows what I’m referring to.

Feeding pigeons in Bogota, Colombia.

Feeding pigeons in Bogota, Colombia.

Of course the most amazing things happened in my twenties… and here is a list of all the things I did right!

#1. I traveled and lived in South America for 3 years… I also went to France! (France=obsession of my life)

DisneyLand Paris

DisneyLand Paris

#2. I had my daughter. Best decision of my life.

Baby Ana

Baby Ana

#3. I got divorced! Second best decision of my life, haha… really seriously it was.

#4. I changed schools and completed my BA degree at Rockhurst University, I’m a hawk.

#5. I met Robert, my current husband… and I said, “Yes” when he asked me out!

#6. I mentored a great kid, Alon Smith… as part of an Americorps’  program. I won an award for this accomplishment.

#7. I took a risk and left a career in teaching for a job in biotech… Amazing decision twenty-something self! Way to go!

#8. I didn’t join the Coast Guard; it was a close call… long story. It ended up being a good decision for me, I am very pro-Coast Guard but it just wasn’t my calling.


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