Lental Promises and Products I love this week

My religious views are vast and complex… and I rarely discuss what I consider very private. I do participate in Lent. This year I am giving up two things close to my heart cookies (really just giving up refined sugars) and cursing (I curse like a sailor… for reals). Ok, so my progress… Cursing is nearly impossible to give up… I’ve had a crazy stressful week and the words just pop-up, but I’m aware of it more than ever. One day at a time… and sugars… I’ve already had some headaches from the lack of refined sugar… it’s amazing how addicted I am to this stuff, so sweet and… well, sugary! Those of you who know me well know I survive on cookies, cake, and decaf coffee…  But I have to curb this vice now. I am going through a body cleanse.  I’m making delicious fruit smoothies and I am eating clean foods… Side effects are headaches and lethargy. I’ve been sleeping a lot this week. Positives are that I’ve already lost a few pounds and I feel better. So, here is my recipe for my daily smoothie;

1.5 Cups of Almond milk (plain Jane Almond milk)

1 handful of mixed frozen berries

1 handful of baby spinach leafs

½ a banana

1 Tablespoon of Chia seeds

Blend away… its green, it looks gross but it is yummy and very filling thanks to the miracle of the Chia seed… which leads to my favorite products of the week. I am trying to slowly get rid of all the junk products in our home. No more chemicals… hidden animal byproducts… etc.

So, my most favorite thing this week is of course the chia seed! They don’t really have a taste and they are filling… honestly. If I’m running late in the morning I take one tablespoon and I feel like I had a full breakfast. They are extremely healthy, according to my research here and here

… I’ve purchased this product and I find them very yummy.

Spectrum Chia Seeds

Spectrum Chia Seeds

My second product is for the little one. I was having so many issues with baby cleansers and her delicate skin. Unfortunately she has inherited Momma’s eczema. I finally splurged and bought California Baby and I’m so glad I did. This is a great clean vegan product. She has had absolutely no reaction to this and it smells great!

Gentle Baby Wash

Gentle Baby Wash

I also found a love for this

Vegan Foundation

Vegan Foundation

And this



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