Best and Worst Kids’ Shows

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Watching Peppa Pig Together

So, first I’d like to start by saying we don’t watch a lot of TV. We are a pretty active family and we generally don’t have time but at night we sometimes watch TV to unwind and sometimes we watch a show in the morning while we are getting ready… When the baby is sick she is allowed to watch TV… if you read my last blog then you know baby has been sick… Oh, almost everyday since entering an infant care center. I know there are a lot of anti-TV parents out there and we are not among them. So, if you hate TV you may want to stop reading now but if you are like us and are occasionally forced to watch kids’ TV for any period of time I’ve come up with a quick list of the best and worst kids’ TV shows…

Let’s start with the worst…

  1. Caillou- All I have to say is WTF. I hated Caillou since my oldest daughter was a baby 13 years ago! and I thought there was no way this show would last… oh, yes it has lasted for whatever reason, it’s a mystery to me. They even play Caillou marathons and have Caillou movies! Its crazy dumb and it is really boring. REALLY boring. Not to mention that the kid whines all the time and he teaches children that nighttime is full of monsters and fear. Caillou always has a major freak out before bed…Thank you but I’d like to not teach that to my child. Caillou is banned in our house.
  2. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse- ok, I love Disney and I love Mickey… but this show is terrible. The plots are nonsensical. It’s just bad writing… and I know it’s a kids’ show but must we talk down to children like they are idiots. It has a cool theme song but that’s about it.
  3. Bob the Builder- This looks cute… but have you really watched it? There is this freaky pumpkin head guy that is always messing stuff up and just being a creeper in general. Reminds me of the Jeepers Creepers movies for some reason.

    Creeper from Bob the Builder

    Creeper from Bob the Builder

  4. PAW Patrol- Again this looks cute but I’m over it. The dogs are adorable, I’ll give it that, but the story is lame. The dogs snowboarding and surfing are lame.
  5. Max and Ruby- The books are ok, but still a little boring. Max and Ruby are always alone, like latch-key-kids at the age of 3 and 4, and they have to pretty much fend for themselves. They have not so exciting adventures, like a wind-up toy chasing Max throughout one entire episode… If you are trying to teach your kids about how to be alone and dull this is great.
  6. Winx Club- I only wanted to list 5 terrible shows, but this list is not complete without mentioning this appalling show. It also has the worst writers but I think it goes one damaging step further… and teaches sexism and inequality. It teaches girls every stereotypical girl thing to do… boyfriends, cell phone, obsessed with clothes and makeup… but maybe tries to empower girls with magic? I don’t know… It’s a mess. I’m not really sure what age range they are even trying to appeal to, younger kids shouldn’t watch that crap because it is extremely sexist and shows poor role models… and middle aged kids would be too old to really get into it… older kids wouldn’t like it at all… the whole show makes no sense. Please stop making crap that degrades girls.

Best Shows!

  1. Bubble Guppies- We love this show. It’s cute, it has a plot, and teaches things… The songs are also pretty catchy. For some reason this show doesn’t play very often or it’s not on when we watch TV, so we have to set the DVR. My baby thinks Oona has her same name… sounds close enough!

    My baby thinks this Guppy has the same name as her but its actually Oona.

    My baby thinks this Guppy has the same name as her but its actually Oona.

  2. Team Umizoomi- This show is cute and I think it is educational. It focuses on math and science, it is well written for a kid’s show.
  3. Peppa Pig- Of course this is my personal favorite. I love pigs and Peppa is hilarious. I think even if I didn’t have kids I would like this cartoon… It can be slow moving at times but there is good humor there and it teaches about relationships and families.



  4. Dora the Explorer- It can get annoying and I personally don’t think the drawings are very cute… but it is educational and I like the layout of the show. I don’t think kids are going to be fluent in Spanish by watching it but at least it introduces children to the idea of other languages existing. It also usually has a plot that makes sense and Dora seems pretty cool. She is good role model, unlike the Winx nonsense, Dora makes good decisions and she is adventurous.
  5. Doc McStuffins- This is cute and not only is the little girl a doctor to her toys but her mother is a doctor! Great role models for girls and again the show has plots that can be followed and has some moral teachings as well.

Ok, well that is my list. Let me know if you agree or if I missed your most hated/most loved kids’ shows…


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