Names we liked but didn’t use…

I have seen this topic on several blogs lately and because I’m obsessed with baby names I decided to write about the names we liked but didn’t use.

I only remember a few of the names we didn’t use with my oldest daughter. We liked Penelope, but didn’t use it because the nickname in Spanish wasn’t very nice (sounded like a private body part). Then we liked Emily but felt it was too common. We ended up using a family name Ana, and we used Catalina as a Spanish version of my mother’s middle name Cathleen.

Our one year old baby took a long time to name. We had the middle names chosen before I was pregnant because they were family names. The first name was difficult because we just couldn’t agree. Names that were on our list were…

  1. Vivienne or Vivi (Before I knew it was a girl I thought this was her name. I was 100 percent sure it would be one of those names… then I found out how popular Vivienne had become (there were about 8 variations of Vivienne in my oldest daughter’s yearbook) and it’s the name of a Bradglina kid. It also just didn’t feel right.)
  2. Evie (After we found out it was a girl I was 100 percent sure I would use this name and even told some friends and family we had picked this name… I almost ordered monograms with this name… I still really like it.)
  3. Ripley (because Sigourney Weaver’s character kicked ass in Alien… and our baby kicks ass… but we decided no in the end.)

    Sigourney Weaver kicked ass in Alien... and all Alien sequels.

    Sigourney Weaver kicked ass in Alien… and all Alien sequels.

  4. Wren (I fought hard for this one but my husband could not get over The Ren and Stimpy Show, which no one even remembers, right?)
  5. Isla (I really love this name, but it just didn’t fit for our baby…)
  6. Kirsten or Kara are personal favorites of mine but my husband did not like either name and they would sound funny with our middle name. We pretty much had to throw out all K or C names.
  7. Sara is also a favorite of mine (Jennifer Connelly’s character in Labyrinth) but it was very popular when I was younger and I remember sometimes having 3 Sara or Sarah’s in the same class.
  8. Raven is a name we both liked a lot… before she was born we were assuming our baby would be darker because her dad is dark and Raven would have been a cute bird inspired name… however our baby is blonde haired and blue eyed… So, I’m glad we didn’t pick this one in the end.
  9. Cricket (I loved this name and my husband hated it, apparently there was a doll in the 80s named Cricket?… I totally don’t remember the doll but my husband showed me the commercials on youtube, it is real.)
  10. Birdy (I also loved this name… notice the bird theme? I really wanted a bird inspired name for our little one)

In the end we chose Louna, it is the French spelling of Luna (meaning moon). I think it is pretty and fits her very well.


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