Yurbuds product review…

A friend sent me a pair of yurbuds to review, here are my findings…

First the packaging is nice, not super sleek but it provides a lot of information about the product. The buds I received are a baby blue color; which is one of my favorite colors. The package states they are small sized and have twist lock which guarantees the buds will not fall out. These are developed for women, I’m assuming that means they have similar product for men.

yurbuds packaging

yurbuds packaging

I am a runner, I run every night. I usually run with Motorola wireless headphones so adjusting to the dangling wire was difficult at first. I will go ahead and say that I dislike the wire. The wire does have a clicker similar to the buds that come with the iPhone. You can skip songs, answer the phone, or pause the track using the clicker. The clicker is great but I rarely use it, once I start running I don’t like to mess with anything.


The earbuds have a soft silicone cover which is very comfortable. I have worn them up to one hour and did not have soreness, which I usually get from earbuds. I also like that the silicone can be wiped clean and does not absorb sweat. The buds are made to twist into your ear and I felt like mine were a little too big, even though they are small… However the buds never fell out while I was running, even when I accidentally tugged on that annoying wire they still stayed in. The only worry I have is losing one of the soft silicone ear pieces, the earbuds only come with two sets but they are different sizes. I’m not sure if you can order just the silicone covers to replace lost ones.

I also have only used these running on a treadmill and on a few neighborhood runs this winter. I do not know how well the silicone would work in the hotter summer weather, I wonder if the heat and sweat would cause them to slip out… for the winter months they do their job and stay in place.

The sound quality is pretty good. They did block out noise fairly well without blocking out all outside sound…  which I personally appreciated, I find it dangerous to wear total noise canceling headphones while running.

Overall I like the product. I find them clean, comfortable, and they provide good sound quality. The negatives are the wire (I find all wires get in the way while exercising) and they do not come with extra silicone covers in the same size.


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One Response to Yurbuds product review…

  1. jaynerich says:

    I’ve been using yurbuds for several months (including the very hot summer & fall months where I live) and haven’t had any slippage problems. However, after a few months, the silicone bud started staying in my ear when I removed them, and of course, wouldn’t go back on the post properly when I tried to reseat it. That’s the only issue I have with them & I can make them work, so I continue to use them.

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