Husband/ Wife Quiz…


From our 2010 wedding

I thought it would be fun to do a quiz type thing with the mister… We have been married 3 years and we were together about 7 years before marriage… Here is how it went down. I asked a question and we both had a few seconds to think about the answer… then we had to give our answers at the same time… Below are the questions/answers… the correct response is in parenthesis …

His responses about me (my real answer are in parenthesis):

  1. What’s your wife’s most annoying habit?

Squeezing the toothpaste from the middle. (I thought he would say something about shoes, I leave them everywhere in the house)

  1. If your wife won $5000 what would she spend it on?

The dogs… buying them sweaters and junk. (Ok, not even close… I’d pay off student loans.)

  1. If your wife was married to a celebrity instead of you, who would it be?

Some really hairy guy that looks like an animal… like Jack Black. (WTH? Jack Black? I said Jimmy Kimmel.)

  1. What is your wife’s greatest fear?

Being under water. (I said water tunnels… so close)

  1. What is your wife’s favorite junk food indulgence?

Sugar cookies with sprinkles that are not made or sold anywhere and I have no idea where she has even had them. (Yes, I love cookies)

My responses about him (his real answers in parenthesis):

  1. If your husband had unlimited access to any store what would it be?

Lowe’s! (Any type of electronic store… Lowe’s really? Because I just love fixing crap. You don’t know me at all)

  1. What is your husband’s most irritating habit?

Burping (snoring)

  1. What is the name of your husband’s best friend?

Ben (Adam… why would you say Ben?)

  1. Is there a particular routine you wish your husband would stop?

Staying up late (I don’t have routines)

  1. What is your husband’s favorite movie?

The one with the robot prostitute. (Blade Runner)


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