And the woes continue…

So, today was the day that Lou was supposed to dip her feet into the icy waters of the infant care center… however, everything went wrong. First we talked to the director of the program repeatedly beforehand and some things we were told were not true… First issue- the classroom we really wanted Lou in had an opening on the phone but not today? The classroom we requested has a more experienced teacher and the children are a little older. We were told that they had one opening in the room and Lou would be assigned that teacher… However, today when we went to the school they said they did not have an opening in that classroom and it would be at least a month if not longer before they would let Lou into that room. That was very disappointing, as we had discussed this over the phone and I was under the impression it was a done deal… Second issue- Lou was supposed to go for a few hours today to see if she liked the center and how she would adapt without us there but they would not let her do this once we arrived. They said this was fine; I have an email stating it is OK to bring her for part of the day today, but when we brought her (with all the items they asked us to bring… diapers, blanket, change of clothes, etc…) they said she could not stay. They said we had to pay a full tuition payment and then wait a day before she could start full time. They would not let her stay a few hours to see if she liked it… They also would not let me take the forms home to think about it, in order to get the forms I had to give them a check. From a financial point I guess I understand but this is also our church and everyone seemed really open and friendly when we were making plans… Then it all changed when we went to actually drop her off. I’m disappointed, again. I wrote the check because we are now desperate but I really just wanted to walk out. I’m going to set-up interviews again for a nanny but we now have to give two weeks notice at the infant care center to leave… possibly costing us more money.

So with all the things we now know… and how funky the infant care was today, I’m so tempted to just call the whole thing off and see if I can still get my check back… but then who is going to watch this baby and we have no time to find another option… oh, the stress.

Coloring in her color book

Coloring in her color book

On a brighter note she started coloring today. The first time she has used her crayons appropriately! Yay!

Lou coloring for the first time!

Lou coloring for the first time!


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