New Year’s Resolutions… well, it’s the start of a new year. As amazing as last year was this year has big shoes to fill… however I am extremely optimistic, to a fault… this year will be great. This year I have several things I have resolved to accomplish… I think last year I was very laid back about my goals and just let things fall into place, while I tend to think this is the best approach to life in general it isn’t going to help me get my photos and baby memorabilia organized… so here we go, my goals… 1) Organize my photos and baby stuff… and complete the baby book for Louna. I am embarrassed every time we pull out Ana’s baby book, as it is half complete. It is kind-of hard to remember what she did twelve years ago in order to complete it… However, luckily there are several apps available now that help me remember Lou’s milestones. It is easy to jot something down into my phone so I am hoping I at least have the information needed to complete a baby book.

Lou Running with balloons on New Year's Eve.

Lou Running with balloons on New Year’s Eve.

2) Purge stuff. We are planning on moving this year and we need to purge unused items and basically get packing. We need to be ready to start showing our home in March. 3) Successfully move… which means deciding on which neighborhood we are going to move into. This hasn’t been easy; there are several neighborhoods we like. I really think the house is going to determine where we end up. 4) Run another half marathon. I would say run a full marathon but getting the long runs I need to train for a full are really impossible with a baby. I know there are people that do it and I can truly say I don’t know how. As it is I’m stuck doing my daily runs at 9pm, not ideal for me. 5) Spend some alone time with my husband and my oldest daughter. Baby time takes up about 250% of my time these days… which leads to goal 6) Be a better friend/ make some mom friends.  I tend to shy away from other moms, especially at my daughter’s school. I’m not sure why… maybe fear of my parenting skills being judged by more competent mothers… I don’t know but I need some interaction with other moms. I’m determined to make friends this year despite my insecurities… I also want to be a better friend to those people I’m lucky enough to have in my life. I don’t have a clear plan on how to accomplish this but I will keep you informed of my progress. Oh, and I’m definitely going to listen to more Bowie this year… big personal goal.

My favorite Bowie phase... Which I've heard from a pretty good source is the phase Bowie is most horrified by.

My favorite Bowie phase… Which I’ve heard from a pretty good source is the phase Bowie is most horrified by.

Of course there are the obvious carry over goals from last year (and every previous year, really)… save money, pay off debts, travel more… we will see where this year takes us. We can’t do it all in 365 days. I think this year will bring us some surprises, and it will be interesting to see where we land at the end of this free fall. What are your resolutions or goals for 2014?


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