Happy Holidays

Ok, first I’d like to let you know that I really love Christmas… Really love Christmas. I listen to Christmas music year round… I even have a Christmas mix that I run to. I love this time of year, but I’m too practical to go over the top with decorations. We even had a debate this year about putting up a Christmas tree in our tiny house… guess which side I was on? So, while I love the holidays you won’t see any inflatable Santas in our yard or plastic reindeer on our roof.


Where I live it is usually cold in December, and we most likely have snow on the ground. This is the early part of winter and everything seems glittery and fun… by February this attitude drastically changes to, “how the hell can people live like this? It’s too freaking cold to get out of bed!”

Lou had her first run-in with Santa this December. It did not go well. She is obsessed with Santa’s Twin, a Dean Koontz book about a bad Santa and it has creepy pictures. The book was in a stack of Ana’s old books that Lou inherited. While the book is too long for Lou’s attention span right now, she still wants to look at the pictures every night. I think this might have tarnished her view of Santa! This little bug is pretty good at putting two-and-two together so I imagine that this book had some influence.


My little Lou got her little paws in the snow this week. She really had a laugh at the cold powdery stuff. It is so amazing to see things through a child’s eyes…. It is a cliché but it really is like discovering things for the first time. Things we take for granted our little ones find amazing and magical… because life really is amazing and magical. I know, I know… cheesy.

image (1)

P.S. I will be taking a short break from social media to enjoy Christmas with my family. Don’t worry I’ll be back after the New Year with more annoying animal posts and Christmas photos. Take care and happy holidays.


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