Favorite Holiday Movies…

It’s been an unfortunate amount of time between my blog posts… Life has been very good to us this year and I have no excuse for not documenting my growing ladybug… This year we have had lots of firsts.


Lou birthday

Lou is growing really fast and the time seems to be running away as fast as it can… most days it’s hard to catch-up.


Already a toddler, Lou is walking and getting into all kinds of trouble. She is adorable. She is learning new words, yesterday she quaked like a duck all afternoon. I’m excited for this holiday season. I love Christmas time and I love spending time with friends and family. This year Lou will be more aware of things and she should enjoy being the center of attention.

Ana has had a very busy year. She is playing volleyball on a traveling team, with practice three times a week. She is so tall and she is doing so well at volleyball. Future Olympian? She is also class president this year and has been quite active at school… She was chosen as a student ambassador and she met the Mayor and gave him a tour of her school. The principal said she did a wonderful job. All this while achieving all As. I’m so proud of her.


As Christmas draws near, I find myself glued to the corny holiday movies on Hallmark channel. Lou is too young to protest and Ana is too busy to watch. I am blaming the Hallmark movies for my late nights and my procrastination! but I really can’t get enough of these cheesy mushy movies. The countdown to Christmas is out of control… however my absolute favorite movies are not playing on Hallmark this year… I’ve made my top 10 favorite holiday movie list below… In order. I hope to see every single one of these movies this year. Favorites I have forgotten? Let me know your top 10 list!
1. Scrooged


2. It’s a Wonderful Life

its W

3. Elf


4. Home for the Holidays


5. Mickey’s Christmas Carol


6. White Christmas


7. A Christmas Story


8. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation


9. A Charlie Brown Christmas


10. Love Actually



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One Response to Favorite Holiday Movies…

  1. Joy Crellin says:

    How about, “The Holiday,” “Polar Express,” and “Disney’s Christmas Carol (with Jim Carrey)?”

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