Ana’s Birthday and other ramblings


For Ana's Birthday. Ninjas are her Favorite...

For Ana’s Birthday. Ninjas are her Favorite…

Today is my oldest daughter’s 12th birthday! I can’t believe how much she has changed in the last year. From questions like, when can she start waxing her eyebrows (huh?) to why are people suffering in Serbia. She is thinking more about the world… and unfortunately more about the pressures of being a girl in the world. She is smart and lovely… and I can honestly say I trust her to make her own decisions (for now!). With such an awesome  daughter, I must be doing something right!
This year she has her exchange trip to France. She will be staying with a French family and learning about the culture and perfecting her French. It will be an amazing opportunity for her. I am hoping she falls in love with France as much as I have.

Loving: My family. Ana and LouLou are so lovely… and my husband is ok too! anapics
Reading: Still reading Veganist by Kathy Freston … and Reached by Ally Condie, surprisingly life with a baby does not allow much free time.

Watching: I got really into the most terrible show of all time, Mobbed. I thought it was canceled last year but to my surprise they played 4 episodes this month. The show tears down its contestants… showing the worst side of humanity and network greed… then performs a dance routine around the rubble. Great TV. Episodes this month included a Dad that lost his daughter to a car accident… (the worst part being he is in the rescue profession as a firefighter, he blamed himself in some weird way for her death… so tragic) and after the show brings up all these terrible emotions that the father has probably been struggling to let go of, they bring out recipients of his daughter’s organs! That episode was really hard to justify watching… but like I said it is so bad it is hard to turn away. Then there was the episode with a woman who confrontationally threatened love to her BFF… obviously he was playing for the other team and his discomfort was immense and her desperation was immeasurable. They also had a man on who rose from being homeless in the streets to an excellent job and they tricked him into thinking he was fired. Of course all these ended in a ridiculous dance sequence (half able to work in portable stripper poles) brought to us by Nappytabs.

Listening to: Nothing interesting… Mostly just baby cries.

Thinking about: Money worries, work worries, dog worries… vegan things that I can make.
Looking forward to: LouLou sitting up without assistance. She tries so hard and she is so close!

Baby feet are the best

Baby feet are the best

Making me happy: My family… Sleeping and making plans for the future.


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