My friend Crystal took this photo of ChoCho, it was our first Christmas together

My friend Crystal took this photo of ChoCho, it was our first Christmas together

On January 15th I lost one of my sugar gliders. A sugar glider is a little marsupial (they carry their babies in a pouch) that looks like a flying squirrel but isn’t. They are really smart little things and they are really social. They get really attached to their owners and to their cage mates.  ChoCho was my female sugar glider and she was very sweet.  This loss was traumatic for me; I had her for 8 years and they can live up to 15 years. We don’t know why she passed away, she was very perky the night before and ate well. For people who haven’t had these little guys in their family it may be hard to understand how close one can become to a sugar glider.  I have a male left, Bushi (pronounced Booshe… my daughter named him), and he has stopped eating since ChoCho died and is very lonely. Unfortunately, I do not want to get another sugar glider for Bushi because they take up so much time and money, and with the expansion of our family I don’t have the time to put into these little guys anymore. I feel very sad for Bushi and I really hope he starts eating and can be happy with our companionship. As for ChoCho we had her cremated last weekend and spread her ashes at the park near some tall trees. They love to climb trees and being that I kept her in a cage her whole life I couldn’t bear the thought of burying her in a box.


ChoCho loved running on her wheel

ChoCho loved running on her wheel

ChoCho eating a snack

ChoCho eating a snack

My most favorite memory of ChoCho was taking her to Ana’s preschool to teach the kids about these little marsupials. I told the kids to sit crisscross applesauce in a circle and I had to make them sit on one hand and only have one pointy finger ready to pet her… because the children were so excited they started squirming and jumping up and down in their seats and I didn’t want ChoCho to get scared. It was really cute and all the kids got to pet ChoCho…  She was very sweet and will be missed dearly.



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One Response to ChoCho

  1. JC Crellin says:

    Sorry to hear about ChoCho…she was beautiful. I loved talking to her…I enjoyed hearing her run around her exercise wheel. Pets have a way of entering our hearts like no other. She was well taken care of…life was good for her.

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