My Birthing Story…

Well, it has been three months since I gave birth to little LouLou… The story of her delivery is gratefully uneventful. Everything went as planned. As I previously stated I was having a lot of pelvic pain so I decided to induce at 39 weeks and 3 days. So, my doctor’s plan was for me to come in the evening of the 10th and I would be given some drug to help me dilate, and then the induction drugs would be given to me during the morning of the 11th. As planned I went into the hospital around 8pm and unknown to me I was naturally dilated enough so that no drug was needed… The nurses gave me an Ambien and told me to sleep and the induction would start at 5am. So, I set my alarm and woke up at 4:30 so I could do my makeup (I’m like Delta Burke from Designing Women)… Anyway, 5am came and they started the induction… and my doula showed up… nothing happened. Then Robert’s parents showed up… still nothing was happening. I watched the cooking channel to pass time. Then around 11am I started to have really strong contractions. I wanted to wait for the epidural, until I felt it was unbearable…  The doula helped me work through the pain… and I used my visualization techniques… and changed positions, used a thing called a “peanut” which helps with birthing positions… then around 12:30 I received my epidural and at that time the nurse checked me and I was at 10 cm. So, the nurse called my doctor (yes my actual doctor not someone on call) and she was on her way. Once she was in the room I was prepped and ready to push… it all happened really fast. I pushed for a record 12 minutes and she was welcomed to the world. It was so calm and peaceful. She was placed on my chest and she was just perfect. She loved us and wanted to be in our arms the whole time at the hospital. We took turns holding her the whole time. She was born at 1:49pm and weighed 6 lbs 11 oz. She had a full head of golden hair and big blue eyes.


I didn’t have any complications or any issues. I was up and walking a few hours after giving birth and begging for the nurse to let me take a shower, which she finally agreed around 8pm. At some point during the first night I had really bad shakes, which were so scary and I thought it was a seizure but the nurse assured me it was totally normal and it eventually went away. I only took Midol for minor pain and wasn’t given any other pain meds… because I’m a rock star. The pelvic pain didn’t return once the epidural wore off… I felt like my old self right away.

So, there it is… my birthing story. I know the techniques in the Gentle Birthing Method led to my peaceful birthing experience and I highly recommend it to my pregnant friends. Also, having the help of a doula was amazing. She kept me calm and she was there in the room with me while my husband was out giving updates to the family. I always had a support person with me.





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