38 weeks…

There are only 6 days left until this little one enters the world! We are so excited. The time has gone by so quickly but we are definitely ready for this little one to be born. Thinking of all the things that occurred over the last 9 months, I’d like to make a list of things you might not know about being a pregnant woman…

  1. When a woman is pregnant her skin and muscles stretch really really tight… like really tight and her stomach is actually sore! So when people run up and throw their hands across your gut, it is not only socially uncomfortable but it really can hurt. It feels like little needles being stabled through my belly button.
  2. The center of balance for a pregnant lady is WAY off. While people have become accustomed to slamming doors in others faces or pushing to get ahead in line, when you do this to a pregnant woman she could fall down. This is so rude you might say… who acts like that to anyone pregnant or not, well it is happening.
  3. It is also a fact that when a woman is expecting her stomach and other organs are smooched… somehow it all fits but barely! so much is compressed in such a tight space that eating what is considered a normal amount of food at one sitting is impossible. So, please unless you want to see me vomit all over, let me enjoy my food at my own pace. I don’t want a second helping, I don’t eat for two, it doesn’t work that way… and I assure you this baby is not starving.

Also, things a pregnant woman (me) does not want to hear…

  1. As many times as I hear, “you look like you’re going to pop” “you haven’t had that baby yet” or “how much weight have you gained?” it still gets… very OLD very FAST. If you wouldn’t say it to a non-pregnant woman, why would you say it to someone who is?
  2. Some women wait a long time between children… either because they plan it or because of life’s circumstances. This is the case with my family my daughter is 11. This is not as unusual as people keep acting like it is. I respect your family unit, please respect mine by not saying things like, “oh, my you are really starting all over.”
  3. Another thing to avoid saying altogether, “you better get your sleep now because when the baby comes….” I don’t know what is meant by this, because you can’t store sleep in a bank. Also this is not my first rodeo, I know that newborns sleep a lot…
  4. In addition some people like to act like the life a pregnant woman once led is over and you and your partner will be stuck at home in baby diaper hell. I see the expansion of our family as a blessing, not a hindrance.
  5. Unexpected advice on everything… maybe the advisors mean well, I don’t know…. but I don’t need to know about how my choice of cloth diapers is nasty or unrealistic… or my hospital choice is terrible… or the baby name will never be pronounced correctly… or epidural advice… or opinions on breastfeeding. Aren’t these things personal decisions? I’ve realized that people like to talk to pregnant woman about very personal things they never would otherwise, not sure why that is…


38 weeks

38 weeks


How far along: 38 Weeks 5 days!

 Baby’s size: Pumpkin

 Sleep: Sleeping a lot and dreaming crazy dreams

 Maternity Clothes: Yes, all my clothes are maternity at this point:(

 Food cravings: orange juice, hot chocolate made with almond milk, hazelnut spread on toast

 Food aversions: tomatoes and chicken

 Symptoms I have: Still have symphysis pubis dysfunction… extreme pain in my pelvis, heartburn, pain from baby pushing and running out of room

 Doctor’s Appointment: Oct 5th

 Movement: Lots of kicking, and moving, and pushing

 Gender: GIRL!!

 What I’m looking forward to: Seeing my baby

 What I miss: running, feeling normal, wearing normal clothes


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Mother, Runner, and English Bull Terrier enthusiast.
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One Response to 38 weeks…

  1. catbodhi says:

    Stand your ground and keep your great sense of humor. Love you!

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