Baby name… and quick update


Well, it has been a while since I wrote… There were some pretty awful things that went on with this pregnancy and my previous doctor… If you know me you know I’m strangely superstitious and somewhere inside my strange little brain I feel that writing or even talking about it would just jinx things more… so, needless to say I will wait until baby is here to vent about all the troubles I’ve had. I have however been so blessed to find an amazing doctor; I had to change doctors at 31 weeks… My new doctor is so caring and I feel like we’re in good hands finally… so much has been happening that is good, too… we have finished the nursery, we have a name and we announced it… baby is healthy, happy, moving, and kicking… we have had wonderful support from family and friends… and baby showers and love… we have an amazing doula and doctor… So many great things.

The name we have chosen is Louna Carmen Allen Romero. Our baby will have two middle names, both family names. Carmen is my mother-in-law’s name and Allen is the middle name of my cousin Keith. Louna is the French version of Luna. Our family loves all things French and even though it sounds silly giving baby a French name was important to me.


So far….

 How far along: 34 Weeks

 Baby’s size: Butternut Squash (about 5 pounds!!)

 Sleep: What’s sleep?

 Maternity Clothes: Yes, all my clothes are maternity at this point:(

 Food cravings: apples, milk, ice cream, orange juice, veggie hot dogs

 Food aversions: pizza, and chicken

 Symptoms I have: Not being able to sleep, I have also developed symphysis pubis dysfunction… basically an abnormal separating of my pelvic bones which is PAINFUL and no fun.

 Doctor’s Appointment: Sept 6th

 Movement: Lots of kicking, and moving, and pushing

 Gender: GIRL!!

 What I’m looking forward to: Seeing my baby

 What I miss: Sleep, wine, sushi



About TeaRomero

Mother, Runner, and English Bull Terrier enthusiast.
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