The Long Wait…


It has been a while since I’ve blogged… my hiatus was caused by the fact that I’m PREGNANT and since I wasn’t spreading the word early on, I decided to skip a month of blog… We are very excited. Especially my daughter… Second Dr appt is tomorrow… other than being sick and tired and cranky… everything is going well. I already have the names, but since everyone has an opinion and usually they are hurtful or annoying, I plan on announcing the name once the baby is born and the birth certificate is signed. We are turning our office into a baby room, this is slow process and I’ve honestly been too tired to do much. So, here is a short run down of pregnancy related questions… not a lot of info yet …

How far along: 12 Weeks

 Baby’s size: Plum

 Sleep: Difficult, weird dreams when I can sleep but overall terrible

 Maternity Clothes: Yes, a few… mostly wearing maxi dresses

 Food cravings: oranges, peaches, frosted flakes, cheesy flatbread

 Food aversions: pizza, chicken, meat, eggs

 Symptoms I have: Tired, cranky, getting fat

 Doctor’s Appointment: April 6th

 Movement: None yet

 Gender: Unknown

 What I’m looking forward to: Completing the Baby Room and finding out the gender

 What I miss: Sleep, wine, sushi


About TeaRomero

Mother, Runner, and English Bull Terrier enthusiast.
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