So far this year…..

It has been a while since I posted anything. Robert’s grandmother passed away on New Year’s Eve and I really haven’t felt like writing anything, even a simple blog update. She was such a sweet person and it has been very difficult to see my family going through this loss. She always introduced me as her granddaughter and was always so proud of her family. I miss her…

Robert dancing with Granny at our Wedding

Well, below is my blog update… hoping to post at least once a month this year.

Current Book:

Ok, January was a big book month for me I read three… Simplicity, which was really interesting book on living a minimalist lifestyle… Author calls himself a “functional minimalist” which I really like, he doesn’t make owning things a crime but instead embraces downsizing and living with things that are important. I really liked this book and it was a fast read. The second book I read was a book about minimalism by Miss Minimalist. This book was more extreme. Her blog is basically the same info as the book but free! There were interesting things in the book but I didn’t love it. The last book I read was a novel, The Art of Racing in the Rain. I really liked this and I read online they will be making it into a movie. Similar to Marley and Me, the book is about the family dog but it is written from the dog’s perspective. I love dogs so I really enjoyed this book.

Current Playlist:

Been listening to a lot of Adele… no matter how many times I hear the same songs I still love her.

Current Food:

Nothing new. I haven’t been watching my food as much lately and it shows.

Ana had a hotel sleepover for her birthday:)

Current Favorite Color:

I’m loving Pistachio Green and Robin Egg blue. One of these colors will be used in the baby room we are finishing up this year… no I’m not preggers yet but we are trying. We are also considering adoption so we need the space completed if we decide to move forward with that… we are giving it some time. I will post any updates in this arena!

Current Fav Show:

Ok, Ok… I love TV. I know this is not popular… much cooler to hate TV and all it stands for… and forbid it… and not even own one. I am not that cool. I love Revenge right now. My friend got me hooked on it and I really LOVE it.

Current Needs:

I have a long list on this one… I need time to start the baby room… I need to get the house painted. I need to redo the kitchen this year… Redo the backyard and make it usable! We need to get some furniture… I also need a new job, yep still working on that one. Those who know me know what I’ve been going through and it is not good. Stress is definitely taking its toll on my body and my mind.

Current Celebrity Crush:

I am a big Jimmy Kimmel fan… and Mark Ruffalo. I also love Kate Beckinsale and Kate Middleton.

Current Indulgence:

I’ve been eating a lot of things I shouldn’t. I had birthday cake this last weekend… and pizzaL Boo.

Current Outfit:

I’m loving my skinny Hudson jeans with boots…. And baggy sweaters… or layers.

Current Excitement:

I am excited about my Master’s Degree. It has been a really interesting program and I am currently taking a stats class focusing on clinical trials. I love it.

I am also excited about Ana’s volleyball. She is doing really well and she loves it. Her upcoming tournament is on the 11th!

Current Mood:

Honestly hasn’t been the best lately. My job is making me a miserable person. I feel sorry for my husband, who has to deal with me.

Current Verse/ Quote:

“Comparison is the thief of joy” Teddy Roosevelt

That’s all for this post…


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