I am blank…

I am weird because

I’m a homebody who likes to travel.

I love my dog like a son… I’m very biased.

I love mixing colors… both in clothes and in home design, in other words I’m tacky people!

I’m an adult who loves colored tights.

I’m OCD about my bedtime-routine, drives my husband nuts… I usually can’t sleep in hotels.

I love doing the dishes.

I bought a cell phone less than 2 years ago! I’m WAY behind the times!

I hate soda pop… all flavors.

I love the state of Mississippi.

My favorite food is calamari.

I love running and yoga but I’m honestly not very good at either activity.

I never owned a bike until 2010… same year I learned to ride one!

I love false lashes all the time.

I listen to the sound of rain on my iPhone at work… no music just rain.

I love going to school.

I scare easily and scream loud.

I drink hot drinks year round.

I’m cold year round.

I sometimes get blisters from my heating pad which I cuddle on my lap at work… I’m the reason they have to include a warning label.

I like listening to Christmas music year round.

I like to make house rules that don’t make any sense and I get mad if people in the house don’t follow my rules.

I am a bad friend because

I’m a homebody!

I hate talking on the phone.

I never return voice messages.

I’m busy and it’s hard for me to commit to hanging out.

I am a good friend because

I love you! I care very much about you even if I don’t call.

I’m loyal. I have the same friends for a long time.

I’m happy for your success! I love when my friends succeed.

I won’t tell your secrets.

I won’t ask for things, like to borrow your car or money!

I won’t date your ex’s… I’m married:)

I am sad because

Ana will be gone for Christmas.

I’m cold all the time and I hate being cold.

I’m on a diet.

I am happy because…

I have the best daughter and husband in the world.

Christmas season is my favorite!

I love my dogs.

I have varieties of hot teas.

I have a job. I have vacation days saved!

I love my Masters program.

I have gold nails right now.

I am excited for…

Crystal coming into town for the holidays.

Spending time with friends this season.

Losing weight!

Snow… and sledding, but only after Ana gets back.

Sleeping in.


About TeaRomero

Mother, Runner, and English Bull Terrier enthusiast.
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