October, came and went…

  • Ok, I am a terrible blogger. This is a lot harder than I originally planned… I have done many a things since my last post and decided the fastest update would be a list (also I just really like making lists) So, below are my list of exciting and not-so-exciting happenings during the month of October.
    1. I had my 6 year work anniversary! I survived this corporate labyrinth of cubicles, drama, and gossip for over 6 years (I was a contractor for my company before being officially “hired” so even though this is my official anniversary I’ve been putting up with the crap a lot longer!) Of course no festivities were planned in my honor, but again I’ve put up with this crap long enough to know what to expect!
    2. I ran my first half marathon! I ran in the Waddle and Reed KC Marathon! I am extremely happy with my time (although it really is nothing to brag about) I didn’t really have a goal in mind since this was my first half but I wanted to complete it in less than 3 hours (I know that is really not even a goal!) My official time was 2:38! I may not be the fastest runner but I am the proudest! Ha! Of course my husband and daughter were there to cheer me on.
    3. I baked my first apple pie! The pies actually turned out really well. I will be baking again!
    4. I saw Paranormal Activity 3… it was good.
    5. Took my daughter to her first haunted house. She got to see a zombie guy that puts live rats in his mouth and pretends to eat them and she got to go down a really tall tube slide.
    6. I got a cold! I am still suffering. Now it has gone to my chest and totally upset my running schedule. I am pretty bummed. Asthma is the worst. Every cold I get is like ten times worse and lasts about ten times longer than a normal person getting sick.
    7. My daughter and I ran in a 10K last weekend. I ran with my cold… probably shouldn’t have but I’m happy we did it together. It was fun. My daughter is in a running club at school and she was super excited to run a 10K and get a metal. We also got to run in costume which made it even more awesome. Although my daughter didn’t want to dress up that much, all she would wear was a tutu. Suddenly she embarrasses easily, must be her age. I was a demon dance instructor!
    8. My daughter was a geisha for Halloween… then she got sick! So she didn’t get to do much trick-or-treating… I am the only mom that escaped Halloween without candy! “Yay” for that because I don’t need to be munching on left over candy… and my daughter honestly doesn’t eat candy very often. We usually end up throwing it out. Today Ana woke up feeling better and was off to school.  
    9. My daughter got all As! And received wonderful teacher comments about her awesomeness… Ana, “I love teacher comments!” Me, “you only love them when they are good.” Ana, “But they are always good.” Me, “No, Remember second grade?” Ana, “Is that the year I talked a lot?” hahahaha
    10. I had my mid-terms at school… yes, I’m still in school. I am in a clinical psychology masters program… and I received As on both my mid-terms!
    11. I gave up meat!! This started a little bit before my last post but I am going strong. My choice to rediscover my vegetarianism (I was previously vegetarian until I got pregnant with Ana at age 22) was based on many different things… my love of animals, my lack of enthusiasm for meat in general, many friends already being vegetarian… but overall I decided it was right for me. It is a small choice that can make a difference. I’m not going to argue about wearing leather shoes… or becoming an unhealthy anemic… or anything else people (my mother) want to come up with… I just feel that this choice I made for me is the right one and I don’t need to justify my reasons to others. I also don’t want to discuss this over my veggie lunch or convert anyone else, FYI…

    Overall, October was a seasonally-above-average-temperature kind-of month… A month of a lot of “firsts”…  Good times with great friends and family. Just happy to be here… but I wish my daughter and I didn’t get sick!


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Mother, Runner, and English Bull Terrier enthusiast.
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